Giorgio Armani Men’s Sunglasses Look Great!

Giorgio Armani Men’s Sunglasses Look Great!

Giorgio Armani started out as an Italian designer and became famous for his men’s wear label. A year after introducing his men’s line, he introduced a line of women’s wear. Both of these lines were known for their clean, fluid lines and monochromatic colors. Armani’s international fame came when he did the tailoring for Richard Gere in a movie called American Gigolo.

In addition to Giorgio Armani men’s suits, the company manufactures Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses and has since developed a line of fragrances, cell phones, watches and cosmetics. The Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses that I like the best are the aviators.

Giorgio Armani Mens Sunglasses

Many of the celebrities wear designer sunglasses as more of a fashion statement than to protect their eyes. Remember the Fonz in his aviator sunglasses? It would not surprise me if he had had on Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses. No really, Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses are available in that exact style. Of course, so are the Carolina Herrera sunglasses.

In our town, there is a very young child with the first name of Armani. Every time I hear his name I think of the young men in the 60’s and 70’s playing baseball or tennis while wearing Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses. They were considered soooo cool!

Bloomingdale’s sells the Giorgio Armani Aviator men’s sunglasses in a shiny light gold tone with grey/green lenses. They have 100% UV and UB protection. They also come in the thick top bar style. In this style of Giorgio Armani mens sunglasses, you can choose shiny black with dark grey lenses, light gold with brown gradient lenses or rhodium with grey lenses.

Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses are also available in the aviator style with plastic frames to flatter any shape of face. The Giorgio Armani logo is engraved on the temples of these lightweight plastic frames. The plastic lenses, which also are lightweight, provide 100% of UV and UB protection.

If you are looking for Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses or ray ban eyeglasses, you will find them available in a variety of styles. Some of the stores that carry them include, but are not limited to Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ottica Net, and they are on line at numerous sites. Be careful to make sure they are the authentic Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses before you commit to purchase, as there are many impostors out there. In order to be sure they are authentic, look for the eagle, the Emporio Armani logo and/or a certificate of authenticity. Of course, purchasing from trusted and reputable retailers is always a good choice when wanting to avoid purchasing counterfeit anything!